Vessel Notice

( as of 8/11/2021 )

Due to covid /+ an international shortage on vessels; we have decided to switch to a true 10 oz. vessel to continue producing your favorite ritual candlelight! In this change, we now have a higher quality glass, glossy black styling, new + improved metal lids*, + improved even burn that still holds your favorite Odin’s Daughter Co. scent profiles! ⁣⁣

To be transparent; you might see a small change in the compact styling of our true 10oz vessel holding 8oz of wax. And, because of the change we have also decided to reduce the price of our candlelight by $2 until 10/1. We are currently transitioning to a label that reflects this change. Orders placed may see a difference in oz. on labels for a short time. As a company that strives to be environmentally conscious along with planting trees, we want to utilize the supplies we have while making a slow transition instead of creating more waste. 

We hope you bare with us through this time, and our customers/ stockists enjoyed the price break thank you for your support. But because of COVID supply chain increases, including wax, vessels, lids, wicks + more. We go back to our regular price on 10/1 for our candlelight with improved fit of the lids as well, and Limited Edition candlelight will raise by $2. As always; we thank you for your loyalty + support throughout the years, we are excited to be able to bring you amazing candlelight for your homes + rituals! ⁣⁣

To use storage lids bought before 10/1* with vessels; please line up lid with the candle vessel to get a good suction, and voilà! *As of said date, we have improved the fit of our lids. 

comparison below: