Sacred Grounds
Sacred Grounds

Sacred Grounds

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There is a house at the end of town, where it is rumored a man holds the secrets to unlocking the mind. He is well traveled and has the knowledge of many cultures. The rumor is he will offer you a piping hot drink from foreign lands.

It has been told to me that it tastes like hazelnut, but also vanilla and a crushed bean from Ethiopia. Your concentration increases ten fold, you are alert and ready to learn with an open mind. Only the true of heart may enter his home however. It is said that he lives upon sacred grounds.

Candle notes: espresso, hazelnut, vanilla cream.

*All candles are handcrafted with crackling wood-wicks, phthalate free scent moods, all natural coconut blended wax, and 50+ hour burn time. 

 Vegan | Ritually Hand-poured | 10oz 

 Made with magick in the home of the Appalachian mountains.