The Lovers

The Lovers

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We present to you the return of, “The Lovers” inspired by Loki + Sigyn. Ritually hand-poured in limited quantities just in time for Valentine’s Day. 

After Loki was banished by the gods, he was placed in chains in a realm of torment. A snake rested above him with its acidic venom dripping on his face, causing him great pain. His wife Sigyn, left the life she knew as one of the Aesir to hold a bowl over him, catching the venom and easing his pain. She will do this for all time, until he is freed. 

Though their story is not all roses, they are the quintessential “ride or die” couple of the North. We feel we have captured their love to honor them with this offering in shimmering red wax, and notes of vanilla cake, strawberries, + cream.

Pick yours up today for your special someone, +/or a gift of self love. 

All candles are handcrafted with crackling wood-wicks, phthalate free scent moods, all natural coconut blended wax, and 60+ hour burn time. 

 Vegan | Ritually Hand-poured | 8oz wax 

* New vessels as of 2023, matte black with gold interior! Gorgeous, + upgraded for the new year. Photos coming soon.