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Our Lady of spring climbs from the depths of the underworld. She is the Queen of the dead + the bringer of life. The grey of winter fades away as flowers bloom around her feet as they touch the ground.

Embrace rebirth with the yearly return of the Goddess Persephone to the land of the living with juicy pomegranate, fragrant flora, fresh mint.

The pomegranate seed is the Goddesses first bound to the underworld + set into motion the agreement of the gods for her to walk between both planes. 

Scent profile: pomegranate, flora, mint. 

All candles are handcrafted with crackling wood-wicks, phthalate free scent moods, all natural coconut blended wax, and 60+ hour burn time. 

 Vegan | Ritually Hand-poured | 10oz vessel*
Made with magick in the home of the Appalachian mountains

*For more info on our new vessels go to: https://odinsdaughterco.com/pages/vessel-notice