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To create a welcoming environment where everyone feels included. We aim to calm your spirit + bring out the magik that resides within every person.


Our Products:

A labor of love that shows itself fully through every product + service we offer. We aim to create more than a brand with things like our Yggdrasil Project that plants a tree for every order placed, helping keep our world wild + free. Our flagship product is our vegan, hand-poured candlelight, curated + designed to be a special offering for anyone who chooses to enjoy it. We service the spiritual practitioner, the candle enthusiast + everyone in between. Our crackling wood-wicks, phthalate free, all natural vegan coconut blended wax* , and boutique scents are meant to create not only a mood, but a whole environment for you to immerse yourself into for anything from relaxation to ritual.

Our candlelight offerings offer 60+ hours of clean burning light and are available in 8oz wax in 10oz vessels, 4 oz. travel tins. Our 4 oz cleansing ritual mists, 3oz coconut blended wax melts, 8 oz ritual bath soaks, curated divination readings, + special offerings we strive to have something for everyone.

All products are developed, tested, poured, packed, + labeled by hand out of our workshop in the forests of North Carolina. We will always strive to serve our amazing customers while leaving a positive mark on the world.

*Our wax contains less than 1% soy, the lowest found on the market.