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Blood Ritual

Blood Ritual

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Blood, the life source of all living things. The pure liquid that connects us to the gods. The ultimate sacrifice. ODC is proud to present our Blood Ritual candlelight. Made to honor the ancient ways.

Our new candle featuring notes of red wine, citrus, and smoked oak is designed to be powerful addition to your next ritual but to also to be used as a calming essence to your favorite place. Honor the old gods and the old world with us.

All candles are handcrafted with crackling wood-wicks, phthalate free scent moods, all natural coconut blended wax, and 60+ hour burn time. 

 Vegan | Ritually Hand-poured |  8oz* | Made with magick in the home of the Appalachian mountains

*For more info on our new vessels go to: https://odinsdaughterco.com/pages/vessel-notice