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Intuitive Rune Guide

What are Runes?

The word “rune” means mystery or secret. Runes are an ancient form of divination, using ancient Germanic and Anglo-Saxon alphabets printed on small tokens that allow the user to ask questions and find answers to problems they may be struggling with. Runes have been in use as far back as the 3rd century, probably longer. They can be made out of wood, clay, stone, crystal, glass, or metal, and are usually inscribed with the Elder Futhark, a Germanic alphabet made up of 24 characters. Each character of the Elder Futhark symbolizes something, which is what makes the runes such a powerful divination tool. 



FEHU: A sign of abundance and a hope for better things. Success and happiness.

URUZ: Strength, tenacity, wisdom, courage, and energy.

THURISAZ: You tend to lean towards change and progress.

ANSUZ: Using communication to inspire yourself and those around you.

RAIDHO: A change of location or a journey. Personal evolution.

KENAZ: Creativity, vision, knowledge, and revelation.

GEBO: This is a gift, but whether one given out of generosity or sacrifice is yet to be seen.

WUNJU: Prosperity, joy, comfort, and pleasure.

HAGALAZ: This is a call to action. If you can’t avoid a battle, your best option is to finish it.

NAUDIZ: Endurance and determination to finish what you’ve started.

ISA: Look within for calm and grounding to help you through a difficult or frustrating time.

JARA: All of your hard work is about to pay off.

EIHWAZ: Strength, trustworthiness, and reliability.

PERTHU: You may not have control over everything in your life, but you do have control over how you react and where you go next.

ALGIZ: Protection from danger. A shield against evil.

SOWULO: You have the power to bring positive change to your life right now.

TEIWAZ: Courage, honor, justice, and leadership.

BERKANA: A promise of new beginnings.

EHWAZ: Trust, loyalty, and changes for the better.

MANNAZ: Creativity, intelligence, and skill.

LAGUZ: Imagination and psychic abilities. Renewal and organic growth.

INGWAZ: Home, family love, and simple pleasures.

DAGAZ: A breakthrough or an awakening.

OTHALA: An increase of abundance, or a place of safety.