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Asgard Realm Box (krampus candle, + gift)

Asgard Realm Box (krampus candle, + gift)

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Receive an exclusive bi-monthly candle + a mystery gift. December’s offer is: KRAMPUS

Born in the darkest depths of Helheim, Krampus crawls from the darkness once a year to punish those who have been naughty. With his birch stick + sack, the son of Hel will terrify those that lay eyes upon his long goat legs and curled horns. He brings with him the scents of white birch, cranberry, and smoke.

Celebrate the darker side of the season with our Krampus candlelight exclusive to our Realm Boxes. This candle is a special edition that comes in a cranberry vessel with black, natural coconut blended wax, and signature crackling wood-wick.

*All orders will dispatch Dec. 5th + when signing up for our subscription, your box will arrive at your house every other month. Candles are limited edition, and will vary in scent + vessel options.