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Odin’s maidens take flight when the sound of first sword clashes. They ride swiftly through the battlefields looking for those that are worthy. The sacred choosers of those who shall grace Odin’s hall in Valhalla.

The maidens of Valhalla are the ones that show us there is more, show us what we’ve worked for, what we’ve strived for. Full of grace + strength, the Valkyries will bring us home. ⁣

Valkyrie’s fly in… Wednesday July 7th at 3pm est with notes of fresh meadow, lemongrass, sage, moss. Gold flaked candlelight in a limited edition silver flecked vessel.

*All candles are handcrafted with crackling wood-wicks, phthalate free scent moods, all natural coconut blended wax, and 50+ hour burn time. 

 Vegan | Ritually Hand-poured | 10oz 

 Made with magick in the home of the Appalachian mountains.